Best Places to Watch Movies Online for Free in 2017

One of the people’s favorite pastime activities is watching movies. After the tiring day, all they want to do is sit at home and relax while watching their favorite movie.

To accomplish this desire, users are given a chance to watch movies online entirely for free. There are numerous websites that provide this option, but not all of them are legal and safe for your device. That’s why here we’ll present some of the sites that have a big library of movies and offer a secure watching experience.

Old and new movies in basically all genres and originating from many countries can be found on them. So, you can pick in accordance to your preferences. Another fact is that the websites feature full movies, not just trailers or sneak peeks.

Let’s see which they are.


YouTubeSome people may not know it (YouTube), but this website has a whole section dedicated to watching movies. It has many legal movies at your disposal. Of course, the free ones might not be very recent, but still they keep users entertained.

You can access these through the menu or type a specific movie in the search bar and see if it’s available for watching. There are some in a foreign language and with subtitles, so everyone can find something they like. The choice includes documentaries, too, which are getting more attractive.

Furthermore, you don’t need to download the movies in order to watch them.

Ovoo is a totally free and trusted website that makes movies and TV series available to everyone online. Without worrying about breaking the Law, you can enjoy some of the most popular movies and shows nowadays as well as check out some older ones. Visit Ovoo

What matters is that there are no viruses or any other content that can do damage to the computer or other devices, especially not annoying ads. Watchers might encounter one ad after clicking the ‘play’ button, but it’s not harmful in any way.

Moreover, the movies and episodes can be downloaded, too. No registration is required neither for watching nor for downloading the video content.


crackleDisplaying full-length movies that fit all devices, this is another website aimed at movie lovers. It streams people’s favorite movies and TV shows for free. Thanks to their constant updates, there’s always new and original content to watch.

However, a little problem for some viewers may be the appearance of ads. Although they aren’t disturbing in any way, they can interrupt the video content a few times during the movie. At least they’re short so your watching experience won’t be ruined.


archiveOn this website, you’ll find the classical movies you’ve always wanted to see. It has a huge library of such films ranging from Charlie Chaplin to The Three Stooges.

Among the categories viewers can choose from are silent movies, ones in black and white, science fiction as well as comedy movies. In any case, it’s a great place for everyone interested in seeing the great classics that marked the twentieth century.


SnagFilmsFocused on philanthropic movies, this site has more than ten thousand videos that people can watch. These include movies as well as shows, divided into categories for easier navigation.

More precisely, the genre, most popular, and newly added are only some of the available filters. Another interesting feature that the site offers is the ‘user collections’ option. It allows watchers to find movies they haven’t known before as well as re-watch some that they have forgotten.

Also, you can sign into the website using your social media profile on Twitter, Facebook, or Google Plus and stay updated.

In Conclusion

All in all, watching movies online is one of the users’ favorite things when it comes to relaxing before the computer screen or TV. But people need to choose the websites they’ll be watching on very carefully. They should look for legal and trust-worthy sites like the ones we talked about earlier. Those don’t contain dangerous ads and viruses that can do damage to your device and are completely free to use. So, get the popcorn and enjoy!