An excellent review about chips movie

In fact chips are the upcoming American movie which is written and directed by the Dax Shepard and it is belonging to the comedy action buddy cop film. This film is distributed by the Warner Bros pictures and it will release in the year of March 24, 2017. It is created according to the television series name of chips and it is created by the Rick Rosner. They are shooting this film in different locations which is including California, USA and so on. Mitchell Amundsen is the cinematographer of this film and it is edited by the Dan Lebental.  Actually this film is originally scheduled on the august 11, 2017 but it is planned to release on March 24.


In a modern world many of the people are interesting to watch this film because it is the comedy action film. Chips film is directed by the Shepard and he is also direct and star at this film. He is acting the role of Officer Jon Baker. When it comes to the budget of the film then it is taking more than 25 million dollar. Panay films, Primate Pictures and RatPac-Dune entertainment are the production companies of this film. Fil Eisler is the music director of this film and it is having full star casting so that many of the people are waiting to watch this film in March end. California Highway Patrol is the short form of Chips and this story of this film is not yet known and it is the comedy crime and action film.