Betting on zero (2016)

The director and writer of Betting on zero film is the Ted Braun. The main star of this film is William Ackman who puts a billion of dollars on this film and exposes a Herba life in a big history of pyramid scheme. The production of this movie is Zipper Bros Films and its total runtime is 99 minutes. The main character acted on this film is Bill Ackman and his designer suit, make-up artist and personal driver can offer the effective media presentation to someone.


This film fully covers herba life. The introductory part of this film is well documented and explains every situation of playing characters on this film. The William D. Cohan has written the story in a well cleared manner. In some part of the scenes, the Ackman comes like an arrogant character. However, this shocking film is most favorite movie for all the viewers. Once you watch this film, you would like to see it again and again.

Betting on zero

In this film, the morals are quickly moveable. The most thrilling part of this movie is betting a billion of dollars in the controversial short position. He claims the targeted savings of company in the working classes of America. The Braun determines his heart of film in their story and get a good relief to find the beating one.

Overall, this movie is quite interesting and exciting to watch out. It could have been amazing to see because of its special digital sound effects. This film has something to watch out than other films.

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